Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned for Xbox 360

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In real life grand theft auto will get you a stretch in prison. In the world of video games, it means an adrenalin rush with non-stop action and new additions to the cast. The newest GTA (Grand Theft Auto) for the Xbox 360 is making a statement loud and clear.

This new game for the Xbox 360 is built upon the characters and story featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. In this installment, you are Johnny Klebitz, one of the leaders of a biker gang in Liberty City. Will players like Johnny? They seem to be warming up to him so far. Gamers can customize how rough and ready he really looks.

Gamers will also love the new scenery and scenarios they get to experience as Johnny. There are 7 different venues to choose from in the game. The game also features multiplayer options. In one venue, Chopper vs. Chopper, it is you on the bike battling against an opponent in a helicopter. As you race to pass checkpoint after checkpoint, you are being shot at by a relentless chopper from the sky.

Fans of the original Grand Theft Auto IV (you can rent Grand Theft Auto IV here) will also like new additions like weapons. Bikers get to balance while shooting their fellow opponents using sawed off shotguns. During the races, each player gets a baseball bat that they can use to clobber those who stand in between them and winning. Like the original, the game is action-packed.

With the Xbox 360, the high definition feature gives the characters an even more realistic feel for the player. If you have an HD television, you’ll notice the differences. The large hard drive allows you to download games and play with friends.

And, you’ll enjoy the music soundtrack. The Grand Theft Auto series has been known for its great graphics and storylines and the music. Jam to the beat as you race through the near-deserted streets of Liberty City with new vehicles on new missions worthy of the name Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a hot game but only for those of the appropriate age. It is rated M for mature. The game features intense violence and strong language.

The creators of Grand Theft Auto IV have created a new addition that will thrill and has thrilled gamers already. Anyone who likes modern day action games needs to check out Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned. And, it appears in a video store near you exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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