Rhythm Heaven: Tapping to the Beat

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If you like a good musical game, then you will love Rhythm Heaven. It’s not one that you would think of as a hit, but then again, everyone isn’t into blood and gore. Some of us like a good game that challenges us without going over the top.

Like we said, this is a music game. Did we mention that it was a little out of the ordinary, bordering on weird? If not, you’ll soon find out when you start playing. This game was created for the Nintendo DS and is made to be played using the stylus.

The Nintendo DS system is one of the hottest gaming portables. With its interactive games, young and old alike have found a common denominator in this system. If you enjoy a good game at home or away, this game and handheld system are a great combination for you.

The premise of Rhythm Heaven is to match the beat of the scene being played out on the screen. Half of your screen is the game and the other half is blank for players to touch with their stylus. In each level or stage, you’ll see wild and amazing scenes with black and white characters, colorful animals and little guys with spears doing a funky dance. The graphics alone are worth trying to see if you are up to the challenge of creating the right rhythm.

If you can’t dance, this game might be a challenge, but a fun challenge. Hold your DS sideways like a book and imitate what the characters are doing. You may have to tap with your stylus if the character is punching in the scene. Flicking may be in order if you are on a level where they are playing ping-pong. Use your stylus to imitate flicking to the beat on the touch screen. Whatever the character does, you have to tap, flick, hold or slide when they do it.

The game sounds simple but it gets increasingly harder as you go from level to level. Also, in the great tradition of most video games, there are mini-games and other challenges that can unlock surprises for gamers.

Your rhythms are rated at the end of the stage. It’s similar to Guitar Hero where they rate how well you kept up with the music. If you are really great you get a medal and can unlock the next stage. If you are not worthy, you must begin again. The game is so addictive you just want to play over and over again until your rhythm is top notch. Even if you are mediocre, you get to unlock the next level but without a medal which is what you want to be able to claim later rewards.

Rhythm Heaven tests you in ways that are different from other games but also fun. The game is rated E for everyone so the entire family can rock out to the beat.

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