Street Fighter 4: Another Chance to Hone your Skills

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good smack down every now and then? The first new installment in over a decade to this franchise is meeting with wild anticipation. It’s a chance to sharpen your skills as a street fighter and learn tons of new ones. Oh, and original players like the fierce Chun-Li are back.

If you’ve ever played a Street Fighter game such as Marvel vs. Street Fighter (for the Playstation) you know those characters are tough. In Street Fighter, fighting as the character of your choice, you had to battle fierce opponents to reach the ultimate bosses which were chosen by the computer. Characters had an arsenal of fighting moves for each character. In successive versions, new moves such as throws were added as well as new characters to portray. Ryu, one of the original characters has been a mainstay throughout the franchise.

The order of Street Fighter 4 is not after the third version but is set to take place at a point in time between Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III. All of the original characters are back in action including Chun-Li. Speaking of Chun-Li, isn’t there a new movie out, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li? If it’s a hit it can only further game sales of this new version and the ones before.

Street Fighter 4 has been released in 2009 for the Xbox 360. Fans of the original hand-to-hand combat game will not be disappointed. In the original, there was 2D fighting with 2D graphics. Gamers liked the feel of the characters and their ferocity in battle. As the moves were improved, players could throw fireballs and flaming punches. Each character has its own unique fighting style.

In the newest version, the graphics are outstanding. The original twelve warriors and some additional characters are shown in vivid color still fighting on the classic 2D style but the background has an element of the 3D going on. Like the original, there is a health meter at the bottom to show just how powerful your attacks are to your opponent.

New combination moves thrill players new and old. If you’ve never played a Street Fighter Game before, you’ll enjoy its mix of old school arcade game style with new school graphics. With each new character you unlock there are more options for play. There is the addition of focus moves that can be used as a last ditch effort to stun your opponent when you are out of options. And, with the online feature of the Xbox 360 you have endless opponents, who have also become good at Street Fighter, to battle.

Miss the arcade but yearning for something new? Street Fighter 4 combines the best of both worlds which is what gamers say makes for a good franchise evolution. The game is rated T for teens due to intense fight sequences.

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