Video Game Rental By Mail

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There are several sites on the internet that provide consumers with the option of video game rental by mail, with a monthly subscription fee. The most popular sites are GameFly, Gamerang and GameMine; each site features rental games and vary in the policies pertaining to consumers renting the games.

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Video Games By Mail

Video Games Delivered Straight to Your Mailbox

GameFly charges members a fee each month for a subscription to the video game rental service. The consumers select the games they would like to rent and GameFly sends one to four games at a time through the mail. The monthly membership for renting two games per month is slightly higher than the membership that allows for consumers to rent one game per month.

Consumers that rent games through mail are not subject to any late fees, as long as the consumer’s monthly membership is in good standing. Consumers may generate a list of the games they want to play, and GameFly sends the other games on the list as the previous games are returned. The video games come with a pre-paid postage letter for returns without the consumer having to pay any postage fees to mail the game rental back. GameFly rents games for all the major gaming consoles, and have an inventory of over 8,000 game titles.

GameRang allows consumers to rent games through mail with a monthly subscription, though some of the subscriptions require a deposit when applying for membership. The deposits are required for those applying for a membership that rents four games at a time to the consumer. The membership ranges from the consumer being allowed to rent one game at a time to four games at a time, with no monthly limit on the number of games rented.

The membership packages vary in price depending on the number of games to be rented at once, and the deposit required for renting four games at a time is refunded in a specified period of time. The deposit is simply a protection plan for special cases of games not being returned, or games being returned with significant amounts of damage. GameRang offers consumers new game titles, and some old, for any of the major gaming consoles.

GameMine sells new and used games, in addition to allowing consumers to rent games through mail. A monthly subscription is required, and there are two memberships available for purchase. One membership allows consumers to rent one game at a time, or two games at a time. There are no due dates or any late fees for video game rentals; the only thing that has to be paid is the monthly membership fee. GameMine offers titles for the major gaming consoles, as well as game titles for handheld gaming systems.

In conclusion, on-line sites that offer video game rental by mail provides consumers with an affordable way to rent games. The games are delivered directly to the mail box, and come complete with a paid postage envelope for returning the game free of charge. The price of membership and the amount of games rented at one time vary from company to company.

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